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UPDATE: This video is the 1.0 version. The more advanced 2.0 version of the tutorial can be found here: For eyebrows I would recommend using Vray fur with direction maps painted in Mari instead of the PFX method described here:

DESCRIPTION: This video tutorial first uses the "Shave and a Haircut" plugin to generate curves which will drive a Maya Hair system, and then Paint Effects to generate eyebrow curves which will likewise drive a second Maya Hair system.

Since this workflow is not really documented anywhere I could find, this tutorial covers the technical steps for using those curves to drive Maya Hair, as well as incorporating this into a character rig with facial deformations. This last part is important as many other tutorials (for example those on Diginal Tutors) while helpful in many ways do not cover how to incorporate the hair into an animated rig, other than to simply parent it, which will not follow facial animation or a geometry cache.

The real trick to grooming hair is using curves to shape the hair style. If you do not have the Shave plugin you can also generate the curves for the Maya Hair manually. For this workflow, see this excellent video by Tarkan Sarim:

When creating hair curves, It's important to remember that hair comes out of the scalp of the head, and does not float in the air above the head or grow out of the part and flow down like a bad Halloween wig. This is taken into consideration, both in the method I show here using Shave, and in Tarkan's manual method.


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