Point and Shoot Video!

This was a test sequence shot with the Canon G1X. This 2min sequence comes from a total of 4-min worth of short clips that were shot during a 20-30min period while my nephew Darius was playing a baseball game. This was shot from behind a chicken fens (spectator seats) by sticking the camera's small lens through the hole! G1X shoots 1080 at 24p. As a result, the slow motion shots are not smooth. But I wanted to use a point and shoot to demonstrate that sometimes, not having to worry about lenses, gear, rigs, set up, etc, is the best way to just focus on what you're trying to say, especially if you're shooting alone! This was all in auto mode but I used lock exposure (-*-) and dialed up and down. I also put the profile on custom and lowered all settings. Did some saturation, grain, slow motion, etc. in post in FCP.
I'm adding this to the new Point and Shoot channel where the idea is to focus less on the gear and what you're shooting!
music D.L.I.D: Color in Your Hands

j vimeo.com/65618481

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