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I went to Brugge (Bruges), Belgium today to try out my rx10, as I have a wedding coming up soon I needed to get some hands on experience fast. As I have seen several rx10 videos with blown highlights I wanted to know how the camera handled moire and highlights which I consider an important feature for weddings. It was a bright cloudless and sunny but cold day, there were plenty of high contrast scenes to shoot with shadows and sun reflecting buildings. I dialed down the contrast and saturation completely, the images have not been altered in another way, unless some small yuv curve adjustment to stay within IRE limits. There was also a ice sculpture festival of which I included a few shots, I think it was freezing -10 degrees Celsius in there :)

I used the swivel lcd screen (without a loupe) for setting exposure and just left the focus on auto, I mainly used the zebra's and the histogram to set exposure. I only took my tripod with me, any movement that looks like it was on a slider was done with balancing the tripod on 2 legs and then make a forward or backward movement, it's hard to get stable movements in that way but I didn't want to take to much gear with me as I was traveling by train.

I did some quick editing just now and have to say I was surprised about how well the camera handled the highlights, I can only conclude that any blown highlights I have seen on the very first rx10 videos where because the user set the exposure wrong or left that part on automode which is what I never do.

The camera was also a pleasure to work with, I love the kind of control I have and i"m sure this will be a excellent run and gun camera, I only wish the zoom was faster as it's way to slow while recording, hopefully Sony can fix this with a firmware update. Another thing which was not up to Sony standards was the battery life, after 40 minutes of footage the low battery icon started to blink.

There is a higher quality sample available for download.

j vimeo.com/81655332

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