Point and Shoot Video!


Took the Sony RX10 out for my first test spin on Christmas day. In Chinatown, randomly.

Pleasantly surprised at the depth of field one can achieve with this camera (especially at max zoom). Also pleased with the image sharpness, albeit at the expense of some moire. Battery is OK - lasts around an hr of continuous shooting. Built-in ND isn't always strong enough to get 1/50 sec, but it's helpful nonetheless.

Zoom is way too slow when recording video. It's nice and fast between takes, though. I think the battery can't handle the strain of recording video and pushing the servo zoom.

Portrait Mode, -3 Contrast, -2 Saturation, -3 Sharpness
Aperture Priority @ f/2.8
White Balance: Shade

Sharpen: 2.0
Color correction via native CC tool
Apply LUT - Osiris Vision 4 Rec .709 @ 50% strength

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