1. John Carter : Mars Deep Space Sequence High-Altitude Martian Clouds
2 . John Carter : Helium City Sequence Draping Flags(Cloth) BG
3 . John Carter : Jump Sequence Cloth and Hair Sim
4 . John Carter : Jump Sequence Cloth Tech Fix
5 . John Carter : Jump Sequence Cloth, Hair and Fur Sim
6 . John Carter : Flying Sequence Cloth and Hair Sim
7 . LOTG : Valley Sequence Low Lying Mist / Clouds
8 . LOTG : Battle of the Ice Claws Feather Reveal
9 . LOTG : Battle Sequence Claw Sparks
10 . LOTG : Impact Feathers
11. Sucker Punch : Dragon Scene Arrow Embers
12. Underworld III ROTL : End fight Sequence Smoke
13 . City of Ember : Cave Flood Sequence Water, Splashes, Foam(Library) and Mist
14. City of Ember : Break Sequence Procedural Dust and Debris
15. HPIH : House Collapse Sequence Procedural Dust and Debris
16 . The Penguins of Madagascar : Energy Orb Procedural FX Rig Development / R&D
17 . Kung-Fu Panda LOA : Fireworks Procedural FX Rig Development / R&D


I am an FX Artist / TD who has studied, lived and worked in California, United States for several years in San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles Area. I also have work experience in Sydney, Australia as well as in London, United Kingdom. I am now hoping to gain some production experience in Singapore, New Zealand as well as in Canada. I have worked on Live-Action, Animated Feature, Commercials and TV Series.


FX TD : Cinesite(London, United Kingdom)
FX Artist : Freelance(Milan, Italy)
FX TD : Animal Logic(Sydney, Australia)
FX Artist : Nickelodeon Animation Studios(Burbank, United States)
FX TD : Motion Theory(Venice, California)
Fluid FX Animator / Generalist : elementFX(San Rafael, California)
Contributing Author : Professional MEL Solutions for Production(San Francisco, California)
Fluid FX Animator : Luma Pictures(Venice, California)


• Procedural Particle Simulation & Fluid Dynamics with Maya, Houdini and Realflow
• nCloth, Hair and Fur Simulation
• FX Rig development and implementation of the same
• Documentation, support, Icon and integration of FX rigs into the FX pipeline
• Mental Ray Rendering Engine
• Procedural Texturing and Shader Dev with Slim, PRman and Renderman for Maya
• Node-based Compositing with Shake, Nuke and Fusion
• Computer based and Practical Lighting
• Scripting in MEL and Python
• Basic Programming experience with C++ and OpenGL

j vimeo.com/13778268

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