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Spectrum were at one stage were TWO bands. Here is Mike Rudd and his pal, Bill Putt in their alter ego band, Indelible Mercepts (that is Spectrum spelt backwards). They are indeed indeliable! Spectrum are just about to release their new CD later this month, "Breathing Space As Well".

Music Icon and legendary Rock'n'Roll front man from the famed Masters Apprentices, Jim Keays, is heading a night of Australian rock legends to raise money and awareness for cancer charity.

Jim will lead his friends Russell Morris, Daryl Braithwaite (Sherbet), Spectrum and Madder Lake, for The Myeloma Foundation of Australia. Myeloma is a type of bone marrow cancer which Jim lives with. He is still active in his music career and is performing on the night to raise awareness.

For a night of Australian Rock Royalty, number one hit songs, and the recognition of a true rock icon all in the name of a good cause get along, support and enjoy.

For more information about The Myeloma Foundation of Australia:


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