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22 year old cinematographer from Gold Coast, Australia :)
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Quick tutorial on Cinestyle footage into Standard Picture Style footage using FCP 7 without any render time. I'm not shouting down Magic Bullet / S-Curve LUT in this video, as I know when properly applied, the results are astounding. But you have to render for those methods.

I was very surprised I couldn't find a tutorial like this on Vimeo or Youtube (hence why I made this video). According to the views on my YouTube version of this tutorial there are THOUSANDS of people wanting to return back to Auto/Standard picture style from their Cinestyle footage.

To me personally, I find "Cinestyle" and colour grading completely overrated. I've only fully colour graded ONE of my videos (the sideflip one). The rest of my videos are made 100% using the footage right out of the camera raw and ungraded. Here's a great example: For reference, I'm labelled as the official adidas Queensland (Australia) videographer.

Please give me some feedback in the comment section if this helps you in anyway.


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