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I decided to cast Maddy Gibson (Daughter) and mom (Fiona McDougall) as they both have red, curly hair and age-wise could be a mother-daughter pair. We're in the same cinema class at CCSF and knew we would be helping each other out on our films, so I wrote a short called "Mother's Day" about a mom and daughter that get into a fight and make up in the park. This was filmed on Mother's Day weekend, and it was hard not to think of my own mother and I sitting on a bench in Central Park with our arms folded looking in opposite directions, although I never had the luxury of a real mom-daughter battle where there's a battle of wills and a kiss-and-make-up in the end. I was mostly in awe and fear of her, and then at age 17 she cut me out completely out her life with no explanation. For me, Mother's Day is a bittersweet day to reflect on my relationship with my mother and who I am as a woman who nuturers but also resilient.

There's a crew from our CCSF Cinema class who did their films in Golden Gate park that day. Due to time and haste, the scene where Maddy walks over ro Fiona didn't happen. In the editing, I kept thinking "Why can't I just crop a close up of Maddy's face?", and that's because my photographer's brain hasn't transitioned to moving picture yet where you can't fake it when it comes to missing scenes. I love the magic of creating moving stories, but wow, the do take time. We shot my film in 2 hours and it took me about 10 hours to edit (I'm also struggling with Final Cut, sound edits and out putting), but I hope to get much more organized and better with time.

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