DOP: George Yanakiev | georgeyanakiev.com
Editing: George Yanakiev
Music: Rush Midnight – Dreaming of an Island | facebook.com/rushmidnightforever
Models: Iveta and Iva at Ivet Fashion | ivetfashion.com

Just on the verge of summer, we decided to show you a video with two very special girls for Under The Line. Iva and Iveta have a wonderful, charming friendship in spite of popular belief about female friendship. They have fun but they sometimes also argue, just acting impulsively. But at the end of the day, they will always support each other.

Dry will tell you a short story about the beach, the sea and two girlfriends.

Find out more at undertheline.net/video/fashion/dry

j vimeo.com/68358074

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