3D SBS Video

* This is the Half-SBS edition of the 3D version of the event's video. *

For Zone51, Québec's official rocketry group, October Sky was our 2011 season closer. While we experienced high winds and gusts, most of us were able to get the fix we needed. In this video you'll see Evasive Action UTFF II, a new build; 3.1in in diameter, 54mm motor mount and 6ft tall fly its first adventure (502-I120 Imax), followed by the venerable Evasive Action AMF performing its sixth flight of 2011, the fifth one on a "K" motor (1281-K360 White) and the first flight since major repairs were carried out.

UTFF II sustained damage to the fin segment as the shearpins failed to break when the altimeters successfully fired off both their main-chute charges... the parachute-less landing was quite hard. AMF dodged a bullet, its main chute experiencing a tangle, sending the aircraft into a stall at a crucial moment during descent... it was, however, not damaged.

j vimeo.com/33771349

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