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With nearly 2,300 Americas reported missing each day the majority of which are adults. Plus the recent events in Ohio where Ariel Castro held 3 women captive we wanted to show a different meaning of "don't give up." In this video a young women played by "Chaddy Boom" is held captive in a back yard shed and fed bread and water until one day she find the strength inside her self to make a break for it. The singer Eliseo Way's car breaks down in the middle of no where as he is walking on the long path back to civilization he notices her crawling battered and bruised thru the brush of the woods. In an attempt to save them both he musters up enough internal will power to help carry her to safety. I opted out of using a steady cam for the running and movement shots i wanted to being the real feel horror she felt as she was fighting for her life.

Artist Eliseo Way
Directed by Ghost
Location- Eustis, Florida
Camera- Black Magic Cinema Prores Video
Lenses- Canon 24-70L f2.8
Post- Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects


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