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The pureness of water sound and crystal water drop was used to image the imagery of N6 Series laptop. In this video, it shows A part with Hair-line Surface Treatment and glowing logo, seamless C part and water ripple looks speaker mesh. These give N Series, which always use high-end audio and visual as advertising appeal, not only a clear audio and visual effect but also a comfort feeling.水落石出的Speaker mesh 概念,以及乾淨整齊的C件設計是ASUS N6 的全新設計,純淨的水聲,晶瑩剔透的水珠就被隱喻為N6筆電的形象,影片在表現出 N6 那細膩的髮絲紋A件和新設計的發光Logo,還有那平滑如冰面版的 C件和水珠顆粒散發出的 Speaker mesh,讓向來以高級視聽為訴求的N系列,不僅擁有清徹的視聽效果更擁有如身處水面平順般的舒適感受。

j vimeo.com/43660230

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