In this video Sam Aaron gives a fast-paced introduction to a number of key live programming techniques such as triggering instruments, scheduling future events and synth design. Finally, the viewer is shown how a simple musical sequence may be composed and then converted into an intricate Reich phase. The main body of the video was recorded in one take and features an Emacs buffer (using Emacs Live overtone.github.io/emacs-live/) for editing text and communicating with Overtone (overtone.github.io/), an expressive Clojure front-end to SuperCollider. Clojure is a state-of-the-art functional lisp emphasising immutability and concurrency (clojure.org).

Check out Meta-eX the Overtone-powered live coding band: meta-ex.com
For the easiest way to get started live coding check out Sonic Pi: sonic-pi.net

j vimeo.com/22798433

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