UN Forests for People: International Short Film Contest

In May 2012, a Massachusetts black bear altered the course of history. As legend has it, there have been no black bear sightings on Cape Cod since the Pilgrims colonized the state. This young male bear wandered off the mainland, and is rumored to have swum the icy waters of the Cape Cod Canal. In two weeks time, the wily bruin navigated highways, backyards and chicken coops, moving rapidly from town to town, and arrived at the tip of the Cape, in Provincetown. He captured the imagination, attention and hearts of kids and grown-ups, from backyard to newscasts, twitter to television, tourists to law enforcement, all hoping to catch a glimpse or even capture the elusive bear himself.

“Who’s Afraid of the Cape Cod Bear?” chronicles this bear’s journey, in the context of several larger questions about human coexistence with wildlife. His closely tracked journey set in motion larger questions about the re-emergence of various species in areas uncharacteristic of their associated natural habitats.

Part cautionary tale, part real-life saga, the film is narrated from the perspective of a street wise Dalmatian dog. Also featured are insights from wildlife biologists, veterinarians, a zoo curator, national park rangers, a Cape Cod writer, a cub rehabilitator in Maine, and a bear hunter in New Hampshire.


j vimeo.com/60349784

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