Eurorack Modular

A patch exploring the shifting of trigger start points to create complex evolving patterns with preset sequencing of mutable instruments braids and the cylonix shapeshifter .

Trigger sources used:

4ms Rotating Clock Divider/Rotating Clock Divider Break Out
4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier/Shuffling Clock Multiplier Break Out
ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's Workout
(main clock source: Intellijel Dixie)

Sound sources used:

Kick: TipTop Audio BD808
Sub kick: Qu-Nit Nebulae (One Shot mode - kick sample made in WaveWarper)
Perc 1: Braids Meta Mode > TipTop Audio ZDSP Dragonfly Delay
Perc 2: Intellijel/Cyclonix Shapeshifter > Modcan Dual Frequency Shifter
Ratchety Hi Hat: Synthesis Technology E350
Pads: The Harvestman Piston Honda MKII > Serge resonant EQ > Make Noise Echophon > Flame FX6
End Karplus Plucked: Cylonix Cyclebox > Make Noise Optomix > Mungo d0 > Mungo g0> Cwejman MMF-1

Reverb: Eventide H8000FW


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