Audio Production

After spending about 20 minutes trying furiously to figure out wtf I was doing with this app, I realized that something very interesting was taking place. This demo was created less than an hour after downloading it, which goes to show how intuitive(although maybe not at VERY FIRST glance ) it actually is.

For those of you that don't know what this video is demoing, you can go check it out at their website:

I set up OSCulator to route just a few parameters to Live. I want to point out that I'm not doing anything really advanced in this video and pretty much just scratching the surface of what's possible.

I've been waiting for an app that would finally start to really exploit the power of a multi-touch device like the iPad. The app is well designed and beautifull executed.

Sorry about the crappy camera work, it was late and I didn't really realize until half way in that I probably shouldnt have my hand RIGHT IN FRONT of the camera. Better luck next time. Also, the audio is from my camera's mic, which is OK but not great... whatever.

Great work Konkreet Labs!

Hey you, you are clearly in to this stuff... why don't you follow me on twitter! @scott_baggett


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