Type in motion

Visuals: MakeMake Studio
Sound Design: Echoic Audio

Echoic Audio kindly asked us to make an ident for them. Having collaborated with them previously on our own experimental work we wanted to revisit and further develop some of these ideas for their ident.

Initially we were inspired by a film shown during the Bauhaus season at the Barbican Centre in London, called Reflektorische Farblichtspiele [Reflecting Colour-Light-Play] (1922). This film showcased Kurt Schwerdtfeger's theatrical light performances where he used several different coloured lights, various shaped stencils and manually operated sliding panels to reveal and mask the projected lights onto a screen to a live audience.

Replicating this contraption digitally in a 3D program we aimed to recreate the overlapping coloured light and subtle falloff that he achieved on stage. The rest of the process was then driven by playful experiments, which we edited and brought together to create the final piece.

This approach allowed us to play with the individual shapes that make up their logo but also to create rich, layered visuals and ephemeral moments - offering Echoic opportunities to add their own audio magic, and complete the piece.

See the ident in their reel here: vimeo.com/67628947

j vimeo.com/69004425

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