Cyprus Filmmakers

This showreel contains videos that I filmed, edited, composited and directed my self. The complete version of the videos can be found in my Vimeo and YouTube channel (

-Intro titles: 1. 3D layers and camera animation 2. Trapcode Form synced with audio
-Uno Click Boom #1: 1. Composited (blood) elements using AE (After Effects). 2. Used 'Glow' for the eye twitch.
-Face Moprh: Used the black and white values of a video to create particles for Trapcode Form and animated the particles and the camera.
-Toy spaceship: 1. Tracked camera using AE's build-in 3D camera tracker. 2. Imported, textured and animated a 3d model with Element 3D
-Demon eyes: 1. Tracked and masked the eyes 2. Applied a black eye-ball texture
-Xorko Festival Promo: Animated the text using Video CoPilot's free plug-in Sure Target 1.5
-Uno Click Boom Titles: 1. Animated 3D text "flying" away from the camera. 2. Composited smoke and spark elements
-Aksion Sin: 1. Tracked areas where particles/elements would be composited. 2. Composited and colour-corrected elements to match the scene. 3. Rotoscoping where needed.
-Uno Click Boom #3: 1. Manually racked the ends of the guns. 2. Applied stylised optical flares. 3. Rotoscoped fore-ground actor. 4. Ramp slow-motion of the clip.
-Uno Click Boom #4: 1. Manually racked the guns. 2. Composited optical flares and a reversed welding video (for the glowing particles) 3. Composited 3D smoke simulation using Trapcode Particular
-Hex1 - Melanosis: 1. Particle animation with CC Particle World.
-Outro titles: 1. 3D layer and camera animation. 2. Particle animation with CC Particle World

All videos where edited with Premiere Pro
All clips where composited with After Effects


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