Listen to Dr. Nic Williams and Aaron Patterson as they square off with Brian Ford and Nick Sieger on which Ruby platforms are the right for developers today. The history, benefits, and future direction of each platform as well as unsolicited personal opinions will make for what promises to be an epic and controversial session.
Who Should Attend: You! This event will be entertaining and enlightening for Ruby developers of every level of experience.

What You’ll Learn
The latest updates from the MRI, Rubinius & JRuby projects
Differences and advantages between the implementations
How to get more involved in the open source community

Platform Discussion Will Cover
The Ecosystem: What works where, integrations and other capabilities
Tooling: Profiling, debugging, monitoring, VPN introspection
Concurrency: Threading models and doing two things simultaneously
Windows: Life on planet Windows
Deployment: Sample stacks and how to run in production

Afterwards You’ll Want to
Tell your friends about what you learned
Start experimenting
Get more involved

Program Line-up
MRI - Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove)
Rubinius - Brian Ford (@brixen)
JRuby - Nick Sieger (@nicksieger)
Host & Moderator Dr. Nic Williams (@drnic)


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