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"A Timeless Hope"

This short experimental film documents life and time in the Detroit, Michigan area where it was shot on location in April/May 2013 with a theme directed by a set of words I have written recently.

Elliot Van Orman Productions:
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Song 1- "Heroes will rise"
Composer- Ionics

Song 2- "Epic Beginnings"
Composer- Capo Productions

Both music tracks licensed @

Words & Narration by:
Elliot Gray Van Orman


For All-

For all the time I spent,
It was a life well meant.
For all the people I love,
I hope they keep swimming with their heads above.
For all the hearts I broke,
I hope they find laughter in life's joke.

For all our days of Hell,
I hope we find Heaven well.
And for all you've given me my friend,
I hope your love finds no end.

-(Elliot Gray Van Orman)

The Fire Rises-

Beyond the darkest day you will find the brightest night,
Showing you that time and life will always have light.

And when it ends,
Another will begin and a NEW one will start,
For with matters of the heart,
We must always trust the best of our efforts,
Though we may fall short,
And without words,
We should never lose sight of how tall our actions can stand,
And the distance we can travel on this land.

Tackle your struggles with faith,
And know that there is no limit to what you can accomplish,
Keep Moving,
Keep Dreaming,
Keep Learning,
Keep Searching my friend,
For there is no end.

Because with this time,
Our lives are brilliant with what they can find,
And when this we finally understand,
With hope a fire will rise from this land.

-(Elliot Gray Van Orman)


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