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I could really use some help from any GH2 users out there. I purposely shot this video facing the sun to show the strong red, possibly "banding" in the image. In post I reduced the red channel significantly to reduce the strong red, but it is still there. I have this same problem when I do house walk through videos indoors. I get this blown out white light on all the lights in the home, similar to the blown out red light I get outdoors. Sometimes I get it sometimes I don't. In this video you will see it in the red lens flares. What is it called? And how can I get rid of it? Is it caused from me overexposing to light my subject/home? Is it easier to underexpose these shots and increase exposure in post or will I still see the blown out lights also through this method? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have more information on the Modified Steadicam Smoothee and how to make it at


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