A moving action indie film with over 7,500 YouTube views within a few weeks.

Brad and Cindy could never see eye to eye after the honeymoon was over. His partying lifestyle drove a wedge between the couple and prevented him from providing for their child's special care. After a bitter divorce, Cindy moved out of their home with child and away from the abuse. Brad started an illegal drug operation on the outskirts of town.

Just as he believes that he is in control of his destiny, Brad soon finds out that his life is due for another dramatic turn of events. What he saw as a door of opportunity quickly becomes a trap door to uncertainty. After fighting with his ex-wife over the phone one fateful day, his morning "buzz" is abruptly killed when he discovers police and their canine unit in his driveway.

Running for his freedom, Brad realizes that he is out of options. A wild chance encounter with a group of hunters proves that his flight is becoming more perilous than he could imagine. Meanwhile, Bandit is in hot pursuit of his trail. Did he do the wrong things for the right reasons?

There is a larger plot to this story. More info at : Produced and directed by John D Griffin. Director of Photography : Brian Howard.

Starring: Bandit the stunt dog and Brad Watts.
Featuring: Brian Howard, Chuck Jones, David Gregory Baker, Cynthia Griffin, Alberto Rodriguez, Ron Anderson, and Loyd Poteet.

Music by: John D Griffin
Theme song from "Passion Grooves" release available on iTunes and Amazon

MISSING SCENES: (a) Brad's near death experience swimming across a violent river and waterfall to loose his trail. (b) Sheriff's chase through the woods with Bandit attacking and being knocked out by suspect. (c) Fight scene escape riding horses and 3 wheelers from campfire drunks. (d) A look into the Sheriff's day from his perspective.


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