L'observatoire de la nudité masculine / Monitoring the male nudity /

Choreography: Dinosaurs

Performance, PR and Production Management: Emma Daniel & Adriano Wilfert Jensen

Coaching Krööt Juurak

Recording from Amsterdam November 2012

Project outline:


Spending Time with Dinosaurs

Spending as a way to point to the activity.
Time as commitment, enthusiasm, existence, love.
Dinosaurs as outdated even extinct, as object, autonomously present in this world, as intuition,
all and nothing, paradox, as immanent beings without locality, making wishes for us.


I have to make a choreography for the dancetheatre in de Theaterschool.
I asked Emma to help me.
Lieu d'Art Contemporain invited us to make a two week performance in their museum.


We can not have adequate access to ontology and efficiency of our work. Therefore we will withdraw from conscious choicemaking.

Even if the Dinosaurs are vague fantasies, they are real. Vague fantasies has the same ontological status as everything else. Withdrawing from conscious choicemaking we will spend time with dinosaurs, by forefilling their wishes, however they might manifest.

Homer Simpson: “He's got all the money in the world, but there is one thing he cant buy”
Marge Simpson: “Whats that?”
Homer Simpson: “A dinosaur!”

According to Homer Dinosaurs live outside capitalism. We dont, so its important we stay strong and happy, not to be eaten by the many habits of effeciency inscribed in our bodies.

j vimeo.com/60247095

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