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Creative Berlin Base proudly presents the 2nd Single of Remo.... "Haute Couture à la Côte d'Azur" :)
Remo's tribute to the French Riviera. Enjoy!

1. Verse

We pass the Alps, next to La Provençale
Drop top rules, vacation call
Check in a l’Hotel du cap eden roc
Pour the champagne, a bit of luck

Start in the east, Fete du citron
Procession of golden fruits in Menton
A cheerful mood, unique event
Let’s go to Monaco, our savings to spend

Next target Nice, the place to be
Coco Beach stands for best quality
Taste the seafood, culinary Clou
Such an experience was long overdue


We can follow our passions there
Revel in life on every square
Nowhere else you find this flair
We can dance at the beach in evening wear
You can’t resist it’s allure
Haute Couture a la Cote’d Azur

2. Strophe:

We’re driving west, straight up to St. Tropez
Haute Couture in prêt-à-porter
See and be seen at club 55
Most awesome place to chill and revive

Getting dolled up, High Heels must-do
The port is your catwalk, you make your debut
On deck at the yacht, a glass of Möet
Up next Papagayo, Cheers dude! Enchanté!

Dancing till dawn, it’s sunrise time
We’re watching it, the view is prime
In the latest fashion at the famous pier
French Riviera greets you all ‘round the year

2011 © by Remo Liebetrau

music: Thomas Buerkholz
lyrics: Remo Liebetrau
video: Friedhelm Poerner
proofread: Mollie Hosmer-Dillard


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