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The Displacement
video 2015 6:19'

We are living in times when the displacement takes place simultaneously on many levels.

the displacement of power, force, in the political word,
the displacement of people as sociological phenomenon
the displacement of aesthetic we witness as internet users
the displacement of roles and responsibility of artist / designers

Video has two narratives - conducted equivalent. First is tracking graphics, made for the needs of the group DDG which is placed on my blog ""; and has been displaced by other users for a dozens of times. I travel to unknown places discovered by the rebloged links of other users to see where my work wandered - in what context my work is shown. Second narrative concerns a problem of internally displaced people. There is no legal definition of Idp, despite the fact that it is one of the most significant and symptomatic issues of our time, still accumulates and remains unresolved.
These shifts overlap and identify each other, are devoid of boundaries, boundaries of legal, moral, aesthetic, state, political, human, escape into the unknown.

made by for
This is Design Displacement Group : party & exhibition,
19/07/2014 at De ServiceGarage in Amsterdam, RSVP at

Design Displacement Group explores the future of design, both in practice and in thought. We do so by displacing ourselves into a future time, twenty years from now on, and look back on design as it is happening today – with different eyes and speculative future categories.

The Design Displacement Group claims imaginative fictional design territory, and open the field of design (thinking) and the conservation of design today.

* Group Members of the Design Displacement Group
(alphabetical order) anno 2014/2034:

Anne Ardina Brouwers (NL)
Benedikt Weishaupt (DE),
Carsten Goertz (GER)
Émilie Loiseleur (FR/UK)
Gilles de Brock (NL)
Hannes Bernard (SA)
Kévin Bray (FR)
Loes Claessens (NL),
Lou Buche (FR, 1990)
Marthe Prins (NL),
Marine Delgado (FR),
Niels Schrader (GER),
Noviki Studio (PL)
Paul Bailey (IRE),
Roosje Klap (NL),
The Rodina (CZ),
Tomas Janicek (CZ),

Current interns:
Cyanne van Houten (NL),
Clément Faydit (FR),
Raphael Orain (FR),
Constant Fernandez (FR)


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