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Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by James Luchessi.

Los Angeles — Karrie Ross will exhibit a selection of paintings, “IMPACT OF LIFE” created over a two-year period, at LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts, from August 3rd thru 31st, 2014. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 12noon to 5pm. Opening Reception and Meet the Artist at 4p.m. Karrie’s work spans a variety of images offering surreal faces, and the whimsy of a figure with an egg, to her exploration of impact craters form and energy transference. Her questions arise from social, scientific, and personal investigations.

The exhibition features a selection of ink & paint pieces from Ross’ most recent work and sets to recount her whimsical view of living through difficult situations over the past two-years time. “It, the exploration of the ink & paint style and process, has finally come together for me. The imagery is not only fun, compelling and balances my energetic needs, it brings my essence in touch with what is going on in my life in a safe way, so I can better relate to it. The ink satisfies my never-ending need to be active, to ‘take’ me out of the now into a flowing space in mind, mixed with the painting aspect, providing a safe seamless connection.”

There are three series represented. “I Am The Egg!” follows the expressive figures of a man and a woman as they interact within the egg world. The egg representing the sensitivity and delicateness of the eggshell, and how it stays strong through play and whimsy, in the world of question. “Energy Impact Crater” explores the makings of our universe, the force that created it, as well as the continuing vibration and energy dispersement that exists because of it… the Big Bang creation. And, “Surreal” presenting the seeing of thoughts and items in juxtaposition of each other, being logical or not… existing in a moment of the illusive illusion of time and space inviting you into the not-here.

Karrie’s work centers around the personal generation of a continuous flow of energy and her belief that this energy can be shared with the world through exploring art, haikus, writing, and exampling the concepts of feng shui energy balancing.

For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website: You can also visit the art film series page at


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