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The Drawing Room is a life drawing salon run by a friend where people can come and draw models, sip a glass of wine and talk. The nights are usually themed - the models wear costumes (mostly) and may bring props associated with that theme, there are images projected as a backdrop and music played in the background. It is held at The Royal Exchange, an intimate, alternative performance space.
The theme for the night was Space Lamb, a character created by alex that was born to "go about the world's conflict areas and encourage people to ponder & contemplate the Lamb in the hope of solving these conflicts..." the Lamb was a highly spiritual being with a crook that sported solar powered flashing lights and a backpack of uncertain contents and powers - he also stood very tall, thanks to stilts, and needed a ladder as a prop
The model was alex m

Unfortunately I was a little shaky this night and didn't have a tripod with me, only a monopd.

More on The Drawing Room can be found on their Facebook page:
You can also learn more by viewing my short doco about The Drawing Room here:
See more stills from this session (and others) here:


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