Art and Artists

A collaboration between Austrian artist Ingrid Hörl, Russian model, designer, and music composer Elizaveta "Elizelle" Osokina, Russian photographer and filmmaker Ivan Plygun and American editor and producer Michael Zbinden. I hope you enjoy it.... Copyrights belong to Ingrid Horl, Elizaveta Osokina, Ivan Plygun and Michael Zbinden.

Based on a:
Fashion Film "Siren" Elizaveta Osokina
Fashion Film "Eclipse" Elizaveta Osokina
Fashion Film "Without You" Elizaveta Osokina

Elizelle - "White Sand"
Elizelle - "Secretly"

Edited and Produced by Michael Zbinden
Star Assassin Productions

Director of Photography: Ivan Plygun

Artist (Paintings): Ingrid Hörl

Model and Music Composer
Elizaveta "Elizelle" Osokina


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