Art and Artists

Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Dave Blackburn & Michael Maas. Produced by Michael Maas.

Propelled by an insistent off-kilter music track, Swenson roams through the home of art collector Carmen Hidalgo, capturing color, line and detail by artists Karl Benjamin, Gronk, Michael Maas, Mary Desert, Kelly Berning, Alex Couwenberg, Stevie Love, Eric Johnson, Leigh Salgado, Lindy Ivey, Josue Castro, Tim Youd, Juan Thorp, Chuck Bickel, Carlos Estrada Vega, Patrick Webster, Edward Lightner, Kenneth Ober, and Bradford Salamon.

Drawn to the distinctive camerawork and editing style of Swenson, visual artist Michael Maas commissioned a complete departure from the typical narrative tale. Leaving narrative behind, the film pays homage to Abstract Expressionist painters such as Pollock, Rothko, Mitchell and de Kooning, who also had solid backgrounds in Representational art before leaving Realism behind.

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