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Angelo Ambrosia - Glass Artist

One in a series of bumpers created for the 2013 Starz Denver Film Festival. Five artists were commissioned to create a work of art highlighting the festival theme of "Paint the Town Red". They were given complete creative control and we filmed the process, end product and interviews. Each bumper is 30 seconds, these are both put together with the slides at the end for easier viewing.

This and the other 4 mini documentaries focus on art and what it means to the artist and to the world. Individually they showcase an amazing artist, as a whole they give an idea of what it means to be an "artist".

Each short will be shown before the movies during the festival run, and the finished artwork will be on display in the Filmmakers Lounge at the Denver Pavilions. If you don't make it to the festival please visit their websites at:

Angelo Ambrosia - Glass Blower:
Saramanda Zurbuch - Emerging Artist:
Maggie Burns - Fashion Designer:
Frank T. Martinez - Modern Abstract Art:
Gamma Acosta - Street Art:

Thanks to all the artists and their hard work in completing these pieces within a very short timeframe. We are blessed to have been allowed into their lives and to show the world what they can create.

Graded with Filmconvert

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