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Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Arutyunyan, born (1958) in Yerevan, Armenia, is a graduate of Yerevan State University who has earned international acclaim. She has participated in a variety of solo and group shows, biennales, galleries and museums in the United State as well as in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Russia, Armenia, China, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland and Monaco.

Vera’s works show roughly executed surfaces that combine her dreams as well as her concepts of reality through radiant colors and are left to the viewer to identify with their emotions and interpret artistic intensions.

Arutyunyan is an abstract expressionist with a flow of figurative expressions, all emotionally and spiritually charged. Painting is the very tool of her inner outcry. Vera feels she is possessed by many thousands and more of moments when all her inner visions and emotions about the world and herself are crying out loud to come out and be heard. Words of the soul in search of philosophical and existential answers of what lies deep within the human psyche, words of despair in a world in which we are strangely at home and yet lost at the same time. Words of powerful love for life and spirituality; emotional words so natural and powerful that could only be expressed through paintings to be understood, obtain identity and significance and become securely existent.

Arutyunyan currently lives and works in Los Angeles - - - Phone: 818-359-7137

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