Art and Artists

Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Hell-O.

Fused from plastic whiskey tumblers, Michael Dee’s variously sized and shaped ”Stars” seem truly weightless. Translucent and multifaceted, organic and hard-edged, Dee’s prismatic, saccharine sweet objects derive from the artist’s ongoing interest in, and fascination with, the vacuousness of fame and celebrity. Through material transformation and bodily association, the artist fashions enticing yet hollow objects that seduce, but offer little more than an empty vessel. At the same time, when hit by spotlight, they imbibe a luminously chilly glow - reflecting and refracting light - complicating themselves and their environments, allowing themselves to transcend mere decoration. For the “Negative Stars,” Dee parlays optical and physical qualities of the “Stars” into two-dimensional photo-based works. Richly colored and lushly produced, these works reinforce the contradiction introduced in the “Stars,” striking a precarious balance between superficiality, depth and beauty.

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