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“In a world saturated with spectacle and the kind of augmented reality made possible through the digital, Irwin’s work, by contrast, raises critical questions about the fundamental nature of how and what we perceive and the value of ‘looking at and seeing all of those things that have been going on all along but previously have been too incidental or meaningless to really enter into our visual structure, our picture of the world.’” [i]

Quint Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of new work by seminal Light and Space artist Robert Irwin. This is Irwin’s second solo exhibition at QCA. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, February 22nd from 6 – 8PM, it is open to the public and the artist will be in attendance.

“There are in aesthetic experience potentially as many “arts” as there are encounters with its incidences in the world. In confusing the art/object of “art” with the subject of art, we objectively tried to hold to the idea of one transcending art. While there is no one transcending “Art,” there is one infinite subject: The subject of art is aesthetic perception.” – Robert Irwin, from Notes Toward a Model, 1977

Robert Irwin’s philosophical essay from 1977 is still as relevant today. The Whitney Museum of Art, which originally published this essay, recreated an installation that Irwin first created in 1977, which was on view in their museum in 2013. The simple, scrim filled room brought to light the inherit qualities of the space, which changed throughout the day and engaged the viewer. The new work in the exhibition at QCA has to do with light and the way in which it can be utilized to permeate and alter a space. “Aesthetic perception” is very important to the work and the way the viewer perceives the artwork. In a review about these light+shadow+reflection+color pieces Rhama Khazam stated, “By deconstructing the process of perception, Irwin allows us (the viewer) to see how we see.” This phenomenological way of engaging the viewer makes Irwin’s artworks intriguing and perceptually challenging.


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