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"853" is my submission #1 for One Day On Earth's latest project: "One Day in San Francisco. Your Day. Your City. Your Future."

UPDATE (May 2nd, 2014): I am very pleased, honored, and humbled to learn that this video earned an Honorable Mention in the Vimeo Weekend Challenge for April 26th, 2014.

Link to One Day On Earth:

Link to Vimeo Weekend Challenge:

The number 853 connects me to this building, The Transamerica Pyramid aka the "pointy" building which stands at 853 feet tall (official height) at 600 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. 853 was also the address of the house I grew up in a small town on the prairie of Northern Illinois.

When I was a teenager, my oldest brother Richard was working as an architect for William L. Pereira & Associates in Los Angeles who at that time were in the design phase of this building. I have a hunch that the number 853 is not a coincidence.

This edit was "Created for the Weekend Challenge:"; as well as the One Day On Earth, "Your Day. Your City. Your Future." project.

This is a small portion of the clips I took on Saturday afternoon, April 26th, 2014 but represent my focus on the obscure details that define San Francisco. I plan to submit more material in the coming days.

Camera, Editing, and Original Music composed and performed by Phil Loarie


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