My next weekend project, and my first "serious" (not like 10 sec test videos I did before...) stop motion animation.
This time more serious. More planning. More precision. More time.
In all it's my first finished animation form A to Z and this is the most important for me.

It's not perfect, beacuse nothing on this planet is perfect, and this is only brick movie...

I know, there is few bugs ;), but i dont have a time to fix it all, and my computer had problems with render this (this is reason why its not in HD just SD). I think it's nice as for brickfilm, but if you want you can write down here where you found a bug ;) but I know them all ;)

Enjoy ;)

Now its my turn to show the world my first brickfilm experiences.

I wanted to test layered video special effects (like in scenes with aliens attacks). Its my idea, not from any tutorial.
I'm used a green clay on green paper background. Next I'm pushed through the clay alien's mini jaws and alien's tail.
Next step was chroma-keying.

Effect of the alien's head and slime was created with the (uhh I dont know how its in english but maybe glass cigarette pipe(?)) and water, flour, and some of sugar. Glass pipe was in alien's head (clay) and with the syringe I poured this liquid into pipe and quickly photographed it.

I know i must practice with walking and animation in general. Then comes the turn of other animation skills.

I'm learn english now, and I can't speak natural in this language. I never was in english-language countries so I do not have too much experience in talking, so...voices in this video was created in polish voice synthesizer software by Ivo Software.

Ammo counter is created from graphics designed by me and converted into video file.

Special effects are created with special effects software Particle Illusion.

Background of space ship is created in Gimp, beacause I do not have enough bricks.

Graphic of the planet is created in Gimp.

Mouth are created from four frames created in Inkspace and converted into video file.

End music is created by me in EJay software.

Video Editors: Power Director as primary and Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus as secondary for chroma keying, beacuse Power Director is dont keiyng properly.

Hardware specs:
2 led lights (1,2W and 0,6W)
camera: fujifilm finepix f450
table camera clamp stand(english name?)


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