Steadicam/Glidecam Operators Group

This video demonstrates the Besteady as a new versatile tool for the filmmaker’s arsenal, at a competitive cost. Shots like passing down a balcony or through the front seats of a car used to require expensive rigs. With Besteady indie filmmakers can unleash their imagination.

Over the course of this video we accomplished 5 handoffs between 3 operators in an uncontrolled open skate park.

This type of technology is exciting, and we are thrilled to see how innovation continues to advance cinematography through all stages of production.

Director - Dallas
Cinematographers - Dallas Joah Kevin
Produced by - Kevin Horn, Joah Colby
Editing - Dallas
Sound - Ian Morland
BTS photos - Ben Ragsdale
Talent - Kirian Stone, Meladie Iris

Besteady One
Blackmagic Pocketcam
Rokinon 8mm T3.5

Audio -
Audioperm "Spark One"
Rogue Valley "Dangerous Diamonds"


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