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"Where there is materialism there is vice and there is no city that symbolizes materialism like the great Empire state...New York City. We get up in the morning and rush to work riding the trains like rats in a maze for the simple sake of making a dollar. Our need for material molds our reality and our desire for it is the fuel to our city. Vice City is the paradox that represents the soul of our city. Although it may be materialistic, there is beauty in this organized chaos ; cultures are created, movements are formed. The pressures of our vices propel us to search deep within ourselves to find something...something to hold that's greater than the material that we so desire...this is the nature of...VICE CITY"

Videographer : Adisa "Felix" Sobers
Stylist : Christina Roman
Director : Andre Small
Music : $1 Bin (Nero "reaching out" chopped x screwed

Camera : Canon 600D
ISO : 65
Lens : Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 // Jupiter 9 85mm f2 // Pentacon 29mm f2.8
Filters : Tiffen Pro Mist // Tiffen Black Pro Mist // Tiffen Soft FX 2
Picture Style : VisionCOLOR "Beethoven" prototype picture style
Color Graded with Colorista ii
Magic Lantern with new absolute zero sharpness feature


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