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Tom Lyricz - Talking To Myself Official Video #yonkerspart2
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Lyrics :
Talking to myself like a mental patient
Im tired like a slot
being fucked by life
Im thinking suicide
or maybe homicide
buy a gun and rob a bank
the stress im going through
you wouldnt understand
its like a baby doing math
or a fiend trying to get himself together and
get of the crack
but im not the one to mope
so i sat down and wrote these lines and i hope
That it will get me some where
maybe living in the 7- 0-9 area code
before i'm wrinkled and old
I call my wife on the phone
tell her meet me by the door
because her husband is home
I will take her out for shopping
like a refree whistle my money is being blown
and I will never fall like bird shit
i'll Profit like Hersey's
chocolate company
Like a football player or a football coach im focus on my goals
i think i lost mind

i was sniffing all night
now i'm talking self
and venting blog saying
i swear i need some help
i'm focus on the future
dead to present
so many secrets past
i'm haunted by the past
talking to myself
my voice is taunting me
i cant sleep
i wrote a book all from suppressed memories
my ambitions and dreams
are all killing me
my confidence and drive
gives me no choice
to see no limitations
im facing all fears
raping about myself
i feel so egotistic
wondering to myself
will anyone listen
blinking with a closed eye
the other one is open
just because i love you
the hurtful thoughts i have of you
will be unspoken
and i remain sad angry and broken darn

i feel like some bothers still owe me check
i feel like some ex still owe me sex
i feel like that statement will be a regret
i feel i still need more gold on my neck
i feel like life is money and sex
i feel i don't know whats next
i feel i got more things on chest
i feel like
this song melodramatic
some well never understand it
the only thing fear is my progress being static
2019 that year i will have Grammy
i want to hear my music bouncing like a rabbit
this whole world benefit when i get my profit
im a money magnet this money i have it
if try to stop the flow BLAM! tragic
iamthatiam this nas illamatic


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