It just keeps getting better and better! Future nudiecrane Tita of Suicide Girl fame comes down from the Great North aka Canada to shoot for tsurufoto nudiezine!!! nudiezine.com

NOW AVAILABLE AT etsy.com/listing/102289448/nudiezine-issue-no-17 WOOT!

A sunny morning, a hotel room in downtown, and the beautiful (and incredibly fit, holy shit) Tita is all we need to make this memorial day even hotter!!! Keep an eye out at nudiezine.com for an upcoming issue featuring the amazing Tita! But for now...

tsurufoto presents... Wake Up Call To A Rented Room with Tita!!!

Starring Tita Suicide - cupcakedujour.ca/
Music: "Grapevine Fires" by Death Cab For Cutie
Film by Aaron Tsuru - tsurufoto.com

j vimeo.com/42925353

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