The sequel to the amazing first Lana Dealessi Promo is underway! World Class dominance by none other than Lana Dealessi & Jan Te Bont.
The British/Italian brand model shines like never before and almost a year later prepped and vigorous to show the world her next moves. Mysterious, classy, stylish, sultry, thrilling and striking at the same time, Lana Delaessi is a next-gen performer in the glamourworld. She is raising the bar concerning aesthetics in glamour and style to a whole new level. And with Eyes as blue as the ocean, dark long stunning hair, a classic italian face, soft full lips, dangerous curves, amazing buste, long lucious legs, you can be nothing but amazed!
Who can handle such grace and perfectionism? One man, one force: Jan Te Bont. And with Makeupartist and stylist Denise Aukes by his side, you can be assured of some next level footage. We are going 4K with this one baby! The ultra grade of JTB will add to the final vision Jan Te Bont has on imagery as a whole. A complete new style, idea and phylosophy to seduce the human mind. Lana Dealessi brings 'The Cinematic Glamour', Jan Te Bont brings 'The Renaissance' and Denise Aukes 'The Multi Talent Woman'. 3 forces to reckon with but also 3 forces to inspire others to go for the best you can!
The Renaissance is here!

More to see from her on or
Director: Jan Te Bont
Makeupartist: Denise Aukes
Styling: Jeromey & Denise Aukes
Postproduction: Digital Traffic


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