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Here is my comparaison of RAW vs H.264 shot with a Canon 6D, it's just to show how sharp the raw is from the start, and how well it can handle color correction compared to the H264.

The problem with the 6D is the moire which is more visible in RAW than with the H264 since it's sharper, and the other problem is the resolution, we can't shoot 1080p. Then there is the audio problem which I didn't really check yet, I read somewhere that we can start recording with a beep sound for external recording.

The magic lantern version used in this video is from may 2013, and it's still an alpha version going through a lot of testing, it's not a final version, so maybe it's might become even better in few weeks, months, we can donate and hope.

Thanx to all of the developers of Magic Lantern.

The conclusion is my opinion, from my needs, the 6D is good enough in H264 when correctly set up and the scene correctly lit up, it's also good enough in RAW for many people at is it right now, but for me it's not so I guess I'll sell mine and get a 5Dm3 instead.

If raw is important for you, then get a 5Dmark3 or a Blackmagic Camera or a Digital Bolex (looks promising but no footage yet), they are all around the same price.

Music : General Fuzz - Comfort Zone


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