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It's everywhere. We need and want it. We find it in places where we wouldn't expect it. A world without plastic is inconceivable. But do we know the consequences of our self-indulgent plastic consumption? This film shows various problems associated with plastic and looks at possible solutions.

The making of: vimeo.com/100698319
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Production: Andreas Tanner (andix.ch)
Associated Producer: Guave Motion (guavemotion.ch)
Music and Sound Design: Alexander Rösch (facebook.com/darklobster)
English Voice: Thomas Lüthi
Webdesign: Malte Vollmerhausen

Subtitle translation:

French: Corinne Roy
Croatian: Marko Skenderović
Italian: Focus Magazine Italy
Spanish: Sarah Edelman
Portugese: Felipe F. Schnack
Turkish: Dilek Sahin
Bulgarian: Denitza Petrova
Hungarian: Adam Paloczi
Ukainian: Denis Seleznyov, Julia Kolesnik, Oleksandr Korzh
Chinese: Wan-Jou (Joyce) Lin

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