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Every lady dreams of marrying a prince and on her big day, she does dream of being dressed like a princess.

We shall share with you our thoughts about this video.

As the sun dawns, we see the couples starting with a fresh start…new apparels, new thoughts and etc. We liked the make-up skills that were used on the bride…if you look closely there are a few different shades of eye shadows that were used on her eyes & the way the lip color has been done, it is pretty impressive. Till today we have never seen such a beautiful accessory piece being used on a bride’s hair.

Another thing that caught our eyes in the video is the flower bouquet the bride is holding. In many weddings we have seen brides holding a small bouquet of flowers but we think, soon to be brides should give a thought on bouquets like that…it is unique and different.

As the bride walks into the hall of her wedding, if you do realize the music changes. We felt at that very moment when the bride walks in, she thinks about the test and difficulties she has gone through in search of her prince. She also may be thinking that the home of her parent is not her shelter anymore, as her shelter from today would be her husband’s home and the responsibilities she has to carry from today.

As both the couples are seated at the ‘Mandap’, there is a flashback… He remembers of the time he proposed to her, and she said yes!. She remembers of the time she prayed to meet someone who would walk with her hand in hand…and as we see, today her prayer has been answered.

We did not understand a word of this song but after watching this video we could understand perfectly…

Enjoy viewing it!
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