short films

This is my Reel with some pieces of animation/design that I´ve worked on up until 2013.

00:00 Opening: Design and animation
00:07 My MTV sandwich: Design
00:09 My MTV paper sculpture: Design and animation
00:11 Spacecross - Lendas: Compositing and secondary elements animation
00:16 Programa do VMB: Animation
00:19 to 00:32 Personal projects, Verão MTV ao vivo and Manett - Spider : Design and animation (except logo design)
00:33 Spacecross - Lendas: Animation and compositing
00:34 to 00:36 Personal projects: Design and animation
00:38 Wood pieces and Sports+ bumper: Animation
00:40 to the end: Personal projects: Design and animation

Music: Two samples from Morphine´s "Buena" and "Yes" that I´ve edited.


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