The much awaited Black Sugar.

This was my first feature film, I was 16 when I started to work on this film and I was 18, very angry, wrinkled and aged and very enlightened by the time this was done.

3 Big producers came & went, more than 800 actors auditioned, I got broke, cornered and ridiculed. But the film happened.

2 years of pre-production and we took exactly 5 days to shoot the film as I didnt have any money & ended up producing it myself. everyday we shot for 18 to 20 hours, double shifts, triple shifts. One helluva experience. My dp got arrested, some of my actors barely escaped getting arrested for drug possession and after all that the film commission refused to censor the film in India.

it premiered at the New York Film Festival and got me some good projects in the US. we had a few underground screenings and overall the film was tagged a 'cult classic'. I love the tag but dont know what to make of it. all in all the experience makes me remember a line in the movie

"let us not work for the humorless bosses,
who exploit the fear of rejection and
promise the bliss of salvation
if we truly dont give a shit
then they have nothing to offer."

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