Hakim, the famous mime actor from Netherlands, known for his roles in Sesame Street and countless other TV, film and theatre performances, came with an idea to shoot a comic series about Mr. Nobody (Si Walou). The setting is in Algeria (his homeland) where most of the material was filmed. In total 30 episodes of 5 min. each were made for, and broadcasted by Algerian TV, although all of the stories are of universal character.
Concept and the main role of Si Walou – Hakim Traidia.
His counter part, the Security Guy – Antar Hellal.
Other roles – Louiza Habani, Kerkache Hacene, Amine Bouchemla & Karim Zenimi, and numerous other wonderful figurants.
Camera - Eddy Konnijn, Branislav Jovanovic. Editing - Branislav Jovanovic


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