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PA Obama Girl, Heather Morris, performs in a new music video of "We'll Get There", a Barack Obama song. The video includes a brief excerpt of a famous Barack Obama speech.

Words, Music, & Arrangement by Cathy Block

Vocal Performance by Heather Morris.
Music & VIdeo, Produced by Tony Oppenheim for Building Block Music.
Video Directed & Edited by Tony Oppenheim
VIdeography by David Fox, Tony Oppenheim
Grip: Emily Oppenheim

A great original campaign song for Barack Obama.

"We'll Get there" available for download at

We'll Get There
by Cathy Block

When I was a baby
a tender sweet darling
and there was no burden to bare
Then I grew up
And I looked around me
And I saw my purpose there

Oh I got to care about my neighbor
Oh I got to care about you too
Oh I got to keep on,'till I get on through to you
Keep on keepin' on 'till we are all one
Then we'll get there

The night you called up
And you were feeling low down
I could hear you were broken and blue
I grabbed my coat, ran right over
Like the wind I blew to you

Oh I got to give a hand to someone
If a hand is what they need
Well we got to hold on
We can't stop if we believe
Keep on keepin' on 'till we are all one
Then we'll get there

I'm seeing changes, wonderful changes everywhere
Rise up, stand up we will get there

Oh I got a fever
Can you feel the heat
And it burns like night and day
Burning that light
Keeping us together
As we search the higher plain

Oh I got to care about tomorrow
I got to care about today
I know that people are a mighty voice when they say
Keep on keepin' on, 'till we are all one
Then we'll get there

© by Cathy Block all rights for the world controlled by Building Block Music


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