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Silke Sieler is a motion graphics designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Sieler loves abstract things, strange details, loud music and lots of ice-cream and her vision of motion design is food for eager eyes. Her last short abstract movie is dealing with nature and maritime creatures, metamorphosis and transformation, connecting art and science and Sieler dropped out a special "get addicted to …" cut down version: Sending out a WARM SIGNAL to the world.

get addicted to … is the wildcard to make your day just a little better and a mixture and metamorphosis of creative culture. One could say: get addicted to … Accessories / Apps / Art / Design / Interviews / Photography / Print /Quotes / Skate / Snow / Surf / The Good Life / Wildcard …

Read the exclusive Interview with Silke Sieler here:

Concept and Motion Design: Silke Sieler
Modeling and Animation: Cinema 4d
Compositing: After Effects
Editing: Final Cut
Sound: Warm Signal by Apparat, taken from the Album "Duplex" (Label: Shitkatapult)

Thanks to Silke Sieler and Thorsten Konrad.

Further Information:

j vimeo.com/20404928

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