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"Penny For Your Thoughts" - A Peter Frampton Cover
Produced and performed by Mark J Campayno
Performed on a 2005 K20-CE Taylor Koa Acoustic Guitar

The song, "Penny For Your Thoughts" was a first for me as it was my introduction to solo acoustic guitar instrumental music. Prior to that, the only reference I had to acoustic guitar instrumentals would have most likely been "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams. Being that it was a rare instrumental radio hit, I'm sure I heard in on occasion while traveling with my parents and brother.

This song, however, was different. It was 1975, and I was immersed in rock music and the guitar--even though I wouldn't even touch a guitar for another 5 years. This song surely had a part in my motivation to learn to play.

In retrospect, the tune is not as difficult as it seemed back then. But that is no longer a factor in choosing music. Music should be chosen for performance and for self satisfaction. Having said that, the challenge here is to keep the string squeaks to a minimum! I did "okay" here. The other challenge would be the jumps up to 9th position, but once you get your bearings those are easily mastered.

I love this little piece by Peter Frampton and I'm certain that it influenced many after him to do more acoustic pieces on their recordings. The tuning is in Open G (DDGDGBD).
A very nice tune and a very good one to have under your fingers!

Thanks for all your support,


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