Those of us that have been riding bmx for long enough in ireland will remember back to the various park setups we had in Bangor. There were some cool ghetto ramps and small setups inc the park on the antrim road, but the Bangor park was probably the first commercial skatepark int he country.

This was the second stage of the skatepark development and in 2004 it played host big jam with some the boys from down south laying down soem big tricks, it features some of the early riding of Matt Gillespie, Mikey, Ben Murphy and Jason Phelan along with a judge appearance from Dig Bmx Editor Will Smyth.

I filmed and edited this back in 2004 before we had HD or DSLRs but I found it in my archive and thought people might want to watch it. It's all filmed on hi8 tapes so can understand the quality.
NB: It ends at 4min 33 seconds afters jays big crash..... i was just to slack to cut out all the black screen back then ...sorry.

Enjoy it.


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